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School holidays 2017-18

Main EU countries

Season Week France European Union
Fall 25/11 during 02/12/17   
02/12 during 09/12/17    Spain, Italy
09/12 during 16/12/17   
16/12 during 23/12/17   
Winter 23/12 during 30/12/17    Zones A, B & C Germany, Belgium, Danemark, Spain, Great Britain, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, Sweden, Switzerland
30/12 during 06/01/18    Zones A, B & C Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands, Switzerland
06/01 during 13/01/18   
13/01 during 20/01/18    Poland
20/01 during 27/01/18    Poland
27/01 during 03/02/18    Poland
03/02 during 10/02/18    Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Switzerland
10/02 during 17/02/18    Zone A Germany, Belgium, Danemark, Poland, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Sweden, Great Britain
17/02 during 24/02/18    Zones A & C The Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, Sweden, Switzerland
24/02 during 03/03/18    Zones B & C The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Sweden, Switzerland
03/03 during 10/03/18    Zone B Sweden, Czech Republic
10/03 during 17/03/18    Czech Republic
Spring 17/03 during 24/03/18    Germany
24/03 during 31/03/18    Germany, Spain, Danemark
31/03 during 07/04/18    Germany, Belgium, Spain, Great Britain, Switzerland
07/04 during 14/04/18    Zone A Belgium, Switzerland
14/04 during 21/04/18    Zones A & C Switzerland
21/04 during 28/04/18    Zones B & C Italy, Switzerland
28/04 during 05/05/18    Zone B The Netherlands, Switzerland

Zone A : Besancon, Bordeaux, Clermont-Ferrand, Dijon, Grenoble, Limoges, Lyon & Poitiers districts

Zone B : Aix, Marseille, Amiens, Caen, Lille, Nancy-Metz, Nantes, Nice, Orleans, Tours, Reims, Rennes, Rouen & Strasbourg districts

Zone C : Creteil, Montpellier, Paris, Toulouse & Versailles districts

 Normal season attendance 

 High season 

 Very high season 

Find the best time

The "perfect week" does not exist, each time has advantages and withdraws. Feel free to analyse the criteria that are most important to you and then choose your time. To help you, here are some "key elements".

December is full of the nice end of the year parties. The Christmas atmosphere takes all its meaning when you are in the moutains.

Nevertheless, it is usually not the best time for skiing. There is often snow thanks to the snow making guns, especilly if you stay on the ski runs. To ski out of the runs, it is better to come later in the year. December (as well as January) is often very cold and daytimes are short.

February is the month for "Winter holidays". Snow, liveliness...are at their best.

The only withdraws are the crowd and the high tariffs. If you come with your family, no worries, you will still have an amazing time. If you do not need to come during school holidays, it is better to come before or after the "Winter holidays" (fin January - begining of March).

The time from end of Marchto end of April shines by its nice weather (longer daytimes, sun almost there, warm temperatures).

The snow is sometimes "changing" and becomming more heavy, especially during April. Nevertheless, if you choose to ski in the highest peaks, you will have nice snow. /

Month Benefits Disadvantages
December Christmas atmosphere

Low frequenting

attractive prices
Uncertain ski possibilities (not always snow)

Short daytimes

Ski area not totally open (except for the new year week)

Low temperatures
January Still not too crowded

Good ski conditions and almost all the ski area is open
Weather often changing

Snow sometimes thick at the begining of the month
February Best ski conditions

Many animations

Atmosphere "white"
Very crowded

Peak season fees
March Still best ski conditions, especially at the begining of the month

Daytimes longer that at the begining of the winter

Temperatures warmer than at the begining of the winter
Bader snow at the end of the month
April Sun and tan

Attractive prices

Low frequenting
Snow not always here (Spring snow)


Quiet resorts

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