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Come on! Try to be the best of theFrenchSkiResort community.

Each week, you will find a new quizz talking about ski resorts and mountain. Try to give the good answer and do not take to much time if you want to win.



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Game rules

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TheFrenchSkiResort quizz are free and opened to the website members.
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Each quizz has several sessions. When it's opened, answer the question. Time spend will be calculated and will help to find the winner.

The winner will have the prize. Only one prize per ski season and member. If the winner has already had a prize, the second will get it.

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theFrenchSkiResort quizz rules have been registered by SCP ACTA Joseph PIERSON, Herv PIERSON & Alain MEROT - Bailiff - 15 rue de sarre in METZ 57070 FRANCE. Click here to read it.


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