Les Couloirs de Rosset
Les Couloirs de Rosset
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La Plagne (Paradiski)
Area Roche de Mio

Les Couloirs de Rosset

Off-piste. Scout carefully from chairlift Chalet de Bellecote and from Piste La Frete.

Profil - Difficult ski run

Access from resort

Take the cabin from Plagne Bellecote or Belle Plagne to Roche Mio. Follow the start of le Tunnel (blue). Leave the piste to the right after restaurant Roche Mio but before restaurant Inversant. At least 3 possible entry points between the restaurants.

Return via chairlift Chalet de Bellecote or via Le Dérochoir (black)

Writter opinion, Hansmarq

Couloirs de Rosset are quite popular, and can even be used as access to the glacier, via Chairlift Chalet de Bellecote and the cabin middlestation Col de Chiaupe, thus bypassing the usual waiting line at Roche Mio.

There are at least 3 safe couloirs to choose from. Scout carefully, and also take previous tracks in consideration. Any false decision may lead to impassable cliffs.

Identity sheet
Beginning 2700 m.
Arrival 2286 m.
Altitude change 414 m.
Length 2000 m.
Slope gradient 120% max

10% min

50% moy
Exposition North
Busy level
Required ski level Good
Artificial snow None
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entry to Couloirs de Rosset, cross the line in spite of the warning signs
Leaving blue piste Le Tunnel
Couloirs de Rosset seen from below

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