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La Plagne (Paradiski)
Area Arpette


Replat ski run is a ski area link which is ery busy at the end of the day. It goes along Salla chairlift first and 2 small rope lifts which bring you back close to Bijolin chairlift top station.
Those small rope lifts are necessary to climb flat part of Replat ski run.

Profil - Link ski run

Access from resort

Several options:
- Arpette chairlift
- Salla chairlift

Writter opinion, Telepheriques

A link ski run that you must not ride at the end of the day because it is very busy! The best solution would be to use Carroley chairlift and then follow Dos Rond ski run to come back in Montchavin les Coches.

Identity sheet
Beginning 2340 m.
Arrival 2290 m.
Altitude change 50 m.
Length 790 m.
Slope gradient 32% max

13% moy
Exposition East North
Busy level
Required ski level Beginners
Artificial snow None
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- on 22/11/2015 à 19h42
I normally use Le Replat in the mornings, going from Belle Plagne area to Montchauvin. Of course Le Replat is busy, but the detour via Carroley never appealed to me. Athletic skiers often choose to ignore the rope lifts, skating alongside the ropes instead. Nice proof of strength, if you can outpace the ropes!


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